Dear Desk












Dear Desk

What do you do on Sundays?
Do you miss me?
Do you miss the busy clatter of our class?
Do you wish I was there
scooting in, scooting out,
my knees tickling you
under your chin?
Or do you spend your Sundays listening
to the humming night-sounds
of school,
remembering the years
you lived in the woods
a friend of sky
and birds?

A poem of address to the desk. What would you want to say to your desk?

© Elizabeth Steinglass, all rights reserved, 2015

Far Away Friends









Far Away Friends

When I see the stars,
you see the sun,
but we both remember
our long days of fun.

When I see the sun,
you see the stars,
but distance can’t end
a friendship like ours.

I may live here,
and you may live there,
but we will be friends
no matter the where.


I’m stepping away from my desk for a moment. A friend asked me for a poem for her son because his best friend is moving to Shanghai. I couldn’t easily find one (suggestions welcome!) so I wrote this for them.

© Elizabeth Steinglass, all rights reserved, 2015

The Bathtub Sea











The Bathtub Sea

A sailboat slips across the sea
   over the waves to the Island of Knee.
A submarine dives down below,
   to skim the reef at Sunken Toe.
A hole opens up. The boats circle round,
   until at last they run aground.

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© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2015, all rights reserved.

Poetry Friday!


Recycled Rocket

A pasta box,
a yogurt cup,
a bit of help
to tape them up,

a twisty tie,
a plastic spoon–
a rocket racing
to the moon!


Welcome, welcome one and all to today’s Poetry Friday celebration! It’s great to see you. I’m looking forward to savoring what everyone’s brought to share.

It’s now officially February, my least favorite month of the year. Winter is old and boring now. I want spring! We need something to do to pass the dark, cold hours until the crocuses bloom. It seems that every year around this time, we adopt some kind of art project. Last year we made a enough rainbow loom bracelets to cover our arms up to our shoulders. The year before that we made hundreds of pipe cleaner people and then houses and towns for our pipe cleaner people to live in. What project will we take up this year? Building with recycled materials is always fun. How are you whiling away the winter hours? Other than writing poetry, of course!

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A Pumpkin’s Point of View
















A Pumpkin’s Plea

I sit on the stoop,
meditating and waiting.
I don’t know who I am
or which way I’m facing.

I hope you’ll come soon
with a sharp silver blade
to hacksaw my head
and muck out my brain.

I’m desperate for eyes
like sad gaping moons
or slightly tipped triangles
threatening doom.

I crave a bright smile
and maybe some teeth—
a couple that dangle
or a set to mince meat.

A nose might make sense,
centered and friendly,
though a smooth empty space
looks disturbing and deadly.

Come, bring your knife.
Don’t make me wait!
I’m scared that you’ll leave me
without any face.

Last year I wrote a poem about my strong desire not to carve my pumpkin. My pumpkin was so perfect, I couldn’t imagine changing it. This year as I sat down to write my annual Halloween poem, I wondered about my pumpkin’s point of view. I suddenly worried: what if my pumpkin had really wanted to be carved?!

© Elizabeth Steinglass, all rights reserved, 2014