It’s Hard to Listen

I wrote this yesterday. I suppose it’s more of a first draft. It’s something I’ve been thinking about, especially as I look at maps colored red and blue and wonder how we might begin to stitch ourselves back together.

I hope you’re all hanging in there.


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  1. bookseedstudio/ jan
    bookseedstudio/ jan says:

    I love your d r a f t & not only the crafting of it but the intention of it, Liz.

    We have mixed-views-BeLoved-family members & work mighty overtime, to separate our love of them, from their unreasonable/unacceptable political stands. This is a help.

  2. Linda Baie
    Linda Baie says:

    Oh my, it makes me wonder so much how teachers will help their students during this so divisive time. This is wonderful, LIz! I love the final lines & the way they sound read aloud.

  3. Carol Varsalona
    Carol Varsalona says:

    Great poem and I especially liked the last two lines, Liz. I think this would be a wonderful poem to read aloud in classrooms. I think we are all wondering how we might begin to stitch ourselves back together.

  4. Alan j Wright
    Alan j Wright says:

    Liz, I really connected with your poem. I have been listening to the new Matt Berninger (from The National) Album, ‘Serpentine Prison’ and I felt the interconnectedness of the writing themes –
    ‘Wake me
    Take me out of town to the end
    Of any road that you wanna go down
    Make me
    Make me listen all the way
    To the end of any road…’
    Your poem is perfect for now. Perfect for anywhere and anyone. Love it!

  5. Mary Lee
    Mary Lee says:

    Yes. I’ll add this to my small set of metaphors for moving forward. We MUST get out of our own heads (and agendas) and listen.

  6. Laura Purdie Salas
    Laura Purdie Salas says:

    It IS so hard. Trump is really the first time I’ve ever felt actual anger toward family members or friends who support him. It’s a visceral response, and I’m trying so hard to tamp it down. I’m guilty of not listening because my brain and heart just seem to shut down and go numb immediately where he’s concerned. Thank you for this. I mostly avoid talking politics–all the time, not just the past 4 years. But in this new era, it’s clear silence is complicit agreement. So I’m trying to learn to be both more vocal and to be able to listen. Really listen. Thanks for your lovely poetic reminder.


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