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Ice Fog for Two Voices

Happy Day 2 of National Poetry Month. I’m trying to post a poem every day to celebrate. I wrote this draft this morning in response to Kara Laughlin’s invitation to write a poem about ice fog in two voices. Kara’s prompt is part of Laura Shovan’s Water Poem Project. Thanks for stopping by, Liz

Goldfish Thoughts

  Happy National Poetry Month! I don’t have a particular project this year, but I’m going to try to post something every day. I’ve been trying to keep up with Laura Shovan’s #WaterPoemProject, so I may be posting a lot of water poems. Today’s prompt by Buffy Silverman was to write a mask poem from […]

When will it be time to plant again?

When will it be time to plant again? When will it be time to plant again? When will the risk of frost pass so seeds can safely shed their coats? When will the earth be welcoming? Today the sun is bright. We all run out to feel its warmth. Is it time? we wonder, yearning […]


  Hello Friends, I hope you are all finding ways to stay well and find comfort these days. Like everyone I am needing art and community, something in abundance on Poetry Friday and at Spark! For those of you who are unfamiliar Spark is an inspirational art exchange. Visual artists inspire writers and writers inspire visual […]

Happy Poetry Friday!

  Welcome to this week’s Poetry Friday party! (If you’re wondering what Poetry Friday is and how it works, check out this post by Renee LaTulippe.) This poem came to me one day after years of mulling about the importance of this little word, especially in contrast to its twin or. It’s wonderful to be […]

Night Fright

Night Fright I am a ghost. I live in the park. I skulk all day. I slip out after dark. I drift along unseen, alone, haunting souls of flesh and bone. I skim the streets the whole, long night. I never fly higher— I’d die of fright!   Happy Poetry Friday! I’m a little late, […]

Soccerverse Discussion and Activity Guide

  Happy Poetry Friday! I don’t have a poem to share today, but I did want to announce that I have posted a Soccerverse: Poems about Soccer Discussion and Activity Guide. The 11-page guide is free to download and includes a broad range of discussion questions about the poems. Most are organized around particular poems […]

On the eve of your departure

      Last week I shared the poem I wrote in response to Marilyn Ackerman’s inspiration piece (as part of our participation in Spark!). As her inspiration piece, I sent Marilyn the poem below, which I wrote at the end of the summer, as our middle child headed off to college.   On the […]

What If?

Summer is over, school has begun, and I am happily enjoying more time to write. To kick off the season, I signed up for Spark! Four times a year, organizer, Amy Souza, matches artists and writers who send each other pieces to inspire the creation of new work over 10 days. It’s a fabulous way […]

Happy Poetry Friday!

  Welcome to Poetry Friday! It’s a little crazy at our house these days. In the next month we’ll have one child graduate from middle school, another graduate from high school, and my book Soccerverse: Poems about Soccer will make its way into the world! Soccerverse includes 22 poems about everything soccer—the ball, shin guards, uniforms, […]