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                            Vote! Make your mark. Poke a hole. Pull the lever. Vote! People fought. People died. So we, the people, can decide who’ll represent our point of view and do the work we need them to. Claim your right. Raise your voice. […]

Hooray for All Kinds of Kids!

    Once again Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong have demonstrated their profound commitment to getting poetry into the hands of children with their latest anthology Great Morning! Poems for School Leaders to Read Aloud. Not only are Sylvia and Janet wonderful advocates for children’s poetry, they are also incredible strategic thinkers. “How can we […]

The Day After

The Day After How do we go on? I ask those who came before and have gone. How did you keep going over lifetimes of losses seeing how easy it is to be cruel? Child, the voices whisper, though I have children nearly grown we acknowledged our losses, wept from the pain, sat together, sang […]

Summer Poetry Swap

                        What a joy to receive the day’s mail and find a trove of poetic treasures from Irene Latham. Thoughtful and clever, Irene had been to my website, so everything she sent had special meaning just for me. I had written a “Why I’m […]

Shoes of the Dead

                    Shoes of the Dead empty shoes flat and gray amassed in monstrous piles like schools of dead fish dumped out of nets missing the life that gave them meaning bring me your stories the one we know and can’t understand the ones we don’t know […]