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I am Winter’s Meadow

I am winter’s meadow   I am winter’s meadow grasses gone to seed wearing frayed regalia drained of summer’s green. I will stand here steadfast in sun, sleet, snow waiting for the someday life rises from below.   Yesterday my youngest asked me to read what he was working on–a one paragraph discussion of a […]


Last night our oldest came to the Thanksgiving table prepared. He read to us about the Piscataway Tribe, the indigenous people who lived on the land where we live and where we were sitting down to eat. After dinner he showed us the movie Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock (on Vimeo). It was a poem […]

It’s Hard to Listen

I wrote this yesterday. I suppose it’s more of a first draft. It’s something I’ve been thinking about, especially as I look at maps colored red and blue and wonder how we might begin to stitch ourselves back together. I hope you’re all hanging in there. Liz

Hop to It!

  Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong have done it again! Hop to It is their latest anthology of wonderful and current children’s poetry. This is truly the book kids need right now–a third of the poems are about movement, a third are about the pandemic, and a third are about social justice. Here’s my poem […]

A World Full of Poems

  A World Full of Poems: Inspiring Poetry for Children, edited by Sylvia Vardell, had a birthday this week, so I thought I would celebrate by sharing some of the many things I love about this book. The Size–I love how big it is! It is a big, fat beautiful book with a shiny green […]


I don’t practice yoga, but before the pandemic I did take pilates from a wonderful teacher who also teaches yoga. She taught us about breathing in our pilates classes, and she inspired this poem. Here I am reading it, if you’d like to listen and focus on your breath.   Jone has the roundup today […]

Talk Like a Pirate Poem

  Earlier this week when I sat down to decide what to post today, I got an email from Laura Purdie Salas that said “Ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day?” “Am I?” I wondered. I thought for a few minutes, remembered this poem, and happily realized I am! In a world with so many […]

Poems of Presence

  finding myself raking patterns in the litter box   This month at Michelle Heidenrich Barnes’ blog, Today’s Little Ditty, Margaret Simon put out the challenge to write “to write a mindful poem about the present moment,” a poem of presence. I think it may have been Heidi Mordhorst who suggested we try to make […]