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What is a Fact?

A fact is a fish on ice. We can all see its glassy eye. We can all feel its razor-edged fins.We can all smell its sea-salty past. A fact is raw.It can be baked, grilled, or fried,but we can all agree we are eating fish. Perhaps you like fish,perhaps you don’t,but there it is—staring up at you.  © Elizabeth […]

H is for Haiku in the Classroom!

Last week I wrote about a lesson I did with two local elementary classes that began with a discussion of haiku. I thought I’d follow up today with a little more about haiku and teaching poetry. I’ve probably already said this, but I’ll say it again: I think haiku are wonderful to share with students. […]

Day 28

  watching the snow fall furloughed   caught in a web of branches government shutdown   I wrote these senryu earlier in the week for my many friends and neighbors who work for the federal government. So many people are struggling from the shutdown–employees, contractors, restaurants and other local businesses, lyft drivers, spouses, children, and […]

Welcome to Poetry Friday!

                              Welcome! I am so glad you are here to celebrate poetry and community. Poetry Friday is a perfect way to celebrate. As is J. Patrick Lewis’ anthology The Poetry of Us. I love this gorgeous book because it uses poetry […]