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  1. tanita
    tanita says:

    This is lovely. Currently having low-lying SFBay fog, and enjoying the spectacle of a blob of white world. Peace to you and yours today!????

  2. Carol Varsalona
    Carol Varsalona says:

    Liz, when we recently traveled to Virginia for the closing of our beautiful new house, the fog was lovely as it settled. I love what you did to capture a snowfog moment. Perhaps you would be interested in offering your image poem for my Winter’s Embrace Gallery. I think it will be a beautiful entry.

  3. Linda Baie
    Linda Baie says:

    This year I have wished for some blending of the before & the now, what I think of when I read your lovely poem capturing that, Liz. Here’s to a new year that helps everyone. Thank you!


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