Entries by Liz Steinglass

Summer Poetry Swap

                        What a joy to receive the day’s mail and find a trove of poetic treasures from Irene Latham. Thoughtful and clever, Irene had been to my website, so everything she sent had special meaning just for me. I had written a “Why I’m […]

Shoes of the Dead

                    Shoes of the Dead empty shoes flat and gray amassed in monstrous piles like schools of dead fish dumped out of nets missing the life that gave them meaning bring me your stories the one we know and can’t understand the ones we don’t know […]

World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day Who would choose to leave their home— the place they live with those they love? Who would choose to leave their beds, their alters, their ancestors’ graves? Who would choose to leave their lives? No one. Only a man running from a gun, only a woman running from starvation, only a child […]

2018 KidLit Progressive Poem–Day 1!

                    Happy National Poetry Month! In 2012 Irene Latham launched the first Progressive Poem to celebrate the month, poetry, and community. Every day in April, a different poet adds a line, and together we compose a poem. It’s a mysterious and surprising process that results in […]

Golden Triangle Haiku

                        Now here’s something that doesn’t happen everyday. Each spring the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District runs a haiku contest and then prints the winning entries and many, many honorable mentions on signs and posts them in tree boxes all over the neighborhood. They […]