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A Pumpkin’s Point of View
















A Pumpkin’s Plea

I sit on the stoop,
meditating and waiting.
I don’t know who I am
or which way I’m facing.

I hope you’ll come soon
with a sharp silver blade
to hacksaw my head
and muck out my brain.

I’m desperate for eyes
like sad gaping moons
or slightly tipped triangles
threatening doom.

I crave a bright smile
and maybe some teeth—
a couple that dangle
or a set to mince meat.

A nose might make sense,
centered and friendly,
though a smooth empty space
looks disturbing and deadly.

Come, bring your knife.
Don’t make me wait!
I’m scared that you’ll leave me
without any face.

Last year I wrote a poem about my strong desire not to carve my pumpkin. My pumpkin was so perfect, I couldn’t imagine changing it. This year as I sat down to write my annual Halloween poem, I wondered about my pumpkin’s point of view. I suddenly worried: what if my pumpkin had really wanted to be carved?!

© Elizabeth Steinglass, all rights reserved, 2014

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  1. jama
    jama says:

    Love your poem! I never thought about the pumpkin’s point of view either (we never carve ours). But now I can see maybe our pumpkins have felt unfulfilled all these years. 🙂

  2. Linda Baie
    Linda Baie says:

    Oh, that second verse! Does he really want to exchange the brain for eyes? Beautiful thinking of those poor pumpkins! There seem to be so many at my store, waiting to be chosen! Thanks Liz. And Happy Halloween!

  3. Michelle Heidenrich Barnes
    Michelle Heidenrich Barnes says:

    Not what I expected, Liz, but I should have known better than to expect the expected with you! You always bring a fresh perspective to your poetry. 🙂 I suppose there might be a few celebs out there that feel the same way about plastic surgery. I definitely can relate to the mucky head bit… some days anyway.

  4. Tabatha
    Tabatha says:

    Nice job, Liz! Good rhythm and fresh imagery.

    I don’t know how old your kids are, but we’ve had a cd called Halloween Howls for a long time that your kids might like. On it, there’s a song by Andrew Gold called “Gimme a Smile” in which a pumpkin asks to be turned into a happy jack o’lantern (he’s worried about being made to look scary!).


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