Ode to My Bed



This isn’t a place
I want to go—
It’s where I’m put
Or sent
Before I’m ready,
When I’m too busy
To stop my game and say good-bye
To the day.
I’m scared when I’m here
With my ears hearing
All around me,
My thoughts thinking
What might be making
Those noises.
I pull my blue blanket,
My old blue blanket,
Up over my head,
Over Armadillo and One-Eyed Gorilla,
Little Blue Ostrich and Theo the Bear,
And there in our tent we tell stories,
Until our whispers

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  1. Bridget Magee
    Bridget Magee says:

    You’ve captured that childhood feeling of dreading bedtime – the noises, the fear – but also the safety of the blue blanket tenting the child with their stuffed animals with their private conversations. I especially love the line, “Until our whispers turn into tomorrow.” Fabulous poem, Liz! =)

  2. Myra GB
    Myra GB says:

    This poem just reminds me never to take my bed for granted – my quilt, the covers, the fresh sheets. Much deserved ode to your bed indeed. 🙂
    My favorite lines from your poem:
    “And there in our tent we tell stories,
    Until our whispers

  3. Tabatha
    Tabatha says:

    When I saw on TeacherDance that you had an ode to your bed, I was expecting a love poem 🙂 I guess that’s just how I feel about my bed… I love your poem, though! Very believable.

  4. Linda Baie
    Linda Baie says:

    Since I am now having an almost four year old granddaughter for sleepovers, I know about this time all over again, Liz. You’ve captured the feelings so well, & this time, in my new house, she & I have had lots of conversations about the noises especially. The ending, as others have said, is beautiful: “until our whispers turn into tomorrow” Thank you!

  5. Laura Shovan
    Laura Shovan says:

    I love the rhythm and mood of the poem’s close, Liz. When my kids were little, I always found it funny that they resisted being sent to their rooms or going to bed for the night. As Mom, a quiet bed was the thing I wanted most in the world!


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