Rest in Peace, My Guinea Pig













Rest in Peace, My Guinea Pig

She didn’t squeak hello when I came in the room.
She didn’t twitch her nose at my carrot.
Her small furry body didn’t rise or fall.
She didn’t hear me when I whispered good-bye.


Last week Mortimer visited me. This week he’s visiting Ruth at There is no such place as a God-forsaken town. Next week he’ll visit Cynthia Grady at this is just to say.

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(c) Elizabeth and Naomi Steinglass, 2013, all rights reserved

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  1. Janet F.
    Janet F. says:

    We had several Guinea pigs growing up. They were smarter than I ever would have imagined and endearing….so I extend my sympathy to you and yours , Liz.

    • lsteinglass
      lsteinglass says:

      Thanks, Janet.
      I find that our kids find their own ways to process and mourn–like the headstone and the drawing. Meeko lived in my office. I have to admit my office seems rather empty and quiet without her. All the best to you. Liz

  2. bjleepoet
    bjleepoet says:

    Ah, sorry to hear about Meeko. That’s a great name, btw. We had guinea pigs growing up as well. We used to like to let them out of their cage and then try to find them in the dark recesses of the basement. Our parents weren’t as keen on that game. Maybe you need a new guinea pig for your office when mourning is done.


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