Magic Seeds















Magic Seeds

Seeds for sale!
Magic seeds for sale!
A dozen for a dollar
or a tired old cow.
Each striped sliver
small enough
to fit on the end
of your finger
ten feet of stem,
a dozen leaves,
and a flower
the size of a pie.
But that’s not all,
you also get
a buzz of bees,
a visiting of goldfinch,
a season of “wow!”s,
and a thousand more
magic seeds.


© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2014, all rights reserved

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  1. Janet F.
    Janet F. says:

    Truly my favorite sight in the summer is a full meadow of sunflowers. One summer when we were in Lakeville, CT. there was such a field. I have photos. I adored driving by. The next year they didn’t have them. Reminds me of a poem. By Frost. Nothing Gold Can Stay. Literally. So pretty. Yes, magic seeds. That is a great poem to learn. I had to come up with some guidelines for myself (memory tricks) to get the beginning words of a few lines near the end.. then, so, so. I had to remark to myself that it was reverse alphabetically order to get it. Sometimes when the littlest words are hard. It is then that I try to examine why the poet made a particular choice. I love “a flower the size of a pie”! And goldfinches. And the fun of the beginning of your poem!! A tired old cow!! Ha!


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