iPhone Epitaph



Rose Gold

Here lie the shattered remains
of Liz’s iPhone 7.
It succumbed to the weight of her minivan
and now it rings in heaven.


As always, Michelle Heidenrich Barnes has a wonderful interview and inspirational challenge on her blog this month. This time the interview takes the form of a mock Newly Read Game featuring the ins and outs of writing partners J Patrick Lewis and Jane Yolen. The end comes too early with a challenge from their featured book, Last Laughs Prehistoric Epitaphs.

My epitaph may not be prehistoric, but I hope it’s humorous. It’s been a tough month for technology around here. I spilled an entire cup of tea on my laptop and dropped my phone face down on the sidewalk. Fortunately all my data survived.

For more Poetry Friday fun, visit Jone at her blog Check It Out.

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  1. lindabaie
    lindabaie says:

    Oh my! I worry about any drinks near the laptop for just that ‘oops’! Sorry for the phone, too, glad you kept the data, hope “for heaven’s sake” your phone had a pretty ring! Delightful epitaph, Liz!

  2. Kay Mcgriff
    Kay Mcgriff says:

    Awww….poor phone. At least you did find the humor in it. Unbelievably, my daughter’s iPhone survived being run over by our Edge. We’ve been believers in Otter Boxes ever since. For a long time you could see the tire tracks across the back of the case, but the phone never missed a beat or a ring.

  3. Michelle Heidenrich Barnes
    Michelle Heidenrich Barnes says:

    Guess who was phone-less yesterday? Yep. The technology curse made its way to me! It was some kind of software glitch which, thankfully, I was able to repair in recovery mode instead of doing a factory reset and losing all my data. But, man, was it ever upsetting at the time. I’m thinking it might have been Rose’s ghost that came to my rescue! 🙂

  4. April Halprin Wayland
    April Halprin Wayland says:

    Liz! What a happy aftermath in that phone’s epitaph! Glad your technology wasn’t permanently incapacitated. My son swears there’s some kind of a technology poltergeist in my writing room…and maybe he’s right…


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