Happy Halloween!































Halloween Tree

Hear that ghostly, woeful wail?
I think that tree is howling.
Oaks don’t usually make a face,
but that bark is clearly scowling.

See those branches bend and reach
like the arms of a hungry hag?
I think those bony fingers want to
grab my goodie bag!


On one of my recent walks around the block I noticed a few trees making faces at me. I think they might have been getting ready for the holiday. Have a spooky, spectacular day!

© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2016, all rights reserved.

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  1. Bridget Magee
    Bridget Magee says:

    Yikes! Not only do kids have to safeguard their goodies from their parents (ahem…) but they need to watch out for the local flora. In our corner of the world, the flora is a bit pokey. Happy Halloween, Liz, to you and yours. =)


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