Cherry Popsicles


This form is called a skinny. A skinny has 11 lines, the first and last can be any length; they must use the same words, but the words can be in a different order. Lines 2-10 are one word each, lines 2, 6 and 10 are the same word. I find this form challenging to say the least. My goal was to get the words in lines 1 and 11 in a different order and to have slightly different meanings. Sheesh!

I wrote this for Linda Baie’s prompt on Day 14 on Laura Shovan’s Water Poem Project.

Happy National Poetry Month!


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  1. Carol Varsalona
    Carol Varsalona says:

    sweet rivulets-I really like that image, Liz. I have been thinking about a new poetic format to fit something I am working on and the skinny might work. I do know it is a challenging format though. Yours worked out very nicely.


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