Bleeding Hearts














Bleeding Hearts

These broken hearts
with their heavy
drops of blood,
to fall,
but never
birthday party pink,
as if they are laughing
through their tears.

© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2014, all rights reserved

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  1. Janet F.
    Janet F. says:

    They are my favorite hanging plant though I do not do well with them. Are yours growing in your garden? I am so jealous if that is true. Your poem captures them. I can remember where I first saw them! It was at the college president’s house when we were invited to a party there and they were hanging all over the huge porch that wrapped around the Victorian home. If I had a gardener I would buy some for my small porch, but we travel too much and they need TLC……The blossoms are captivating!

  2. lsteinglass
    lsteinglass says:

    Janet, aren’t they beautiful! These are growing in a neighbor’s yard which may mean I could grow them around here, but between the deer and the flying soccer balls, would they survive?


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