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I tickle the thick blue ogre
under the chin until
he opens his mouth.
I slip the treat
onto his tongue,
not to let him
bite my fingers.
He swallows it whole.
I can’t see it anymore,
but I know it’s there,
sitting in his stomach
with the rest
of his lunch.

© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2014, all rights reserved
















The Sidewalk
A ribbon tied
around our town,

A strangled root’s
defiant frown,

A canvas
for my shadow.
A skating rink
for skipping rocks,

A way to measure
city blocks,

A path from me
to you.


© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2014, all rights reserved













Swoop in circles
around the sun.
Go on and on,
                and on,
                     and on.
Wear layers.
Carry water.
Don’t laugh when we run.
Don’t cry when we dig.
Give us a home.
Keep our history
under your skin.
Shiver and explode.
Remind us
you exist.
When you are sick
and feverish,
forgive us.
Hold us


© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2014, all rights reserved









Inside, they faced off
like well-matched super heroes
landing blows
that shook the house
but did little
to slow one another.
Their words slammed
into walls, splintered
door ways, shattered
everything of value.
I took my china heart
and shut the door.
Outside, I climbed the oak
I was too old to climb.
I pressed my feet
against her solid trunk.
I grabbed her limbs
in my hands.
I pulled myself
into her lap.
I climbed higher
than I should.
I could hear the wind
singing to the birds.
I could hear the grass
whispering to the worms.
I could hear the leaves
breathe. I found
what I was looking for.
I tucked my stolen treasure
into a moss-lined nest
built by the earth.

© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2014, all rights reserved
















Magic Seeds

Seeds for sale!
Magic seeds for sale!
A dozen for a dollar
or a tired old cow.
Each striped sliver
small enough
to fit on the end
of your finger
ten feet of stem,
a dozen leaves,
and a flower
the size of a pie.
But that’s not all,
you also get
a buzz of bees,
a visiting of goldfinch,
a season of “wow!”s,
and a thousand more
magic seeds.


© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2014, all rights reserved

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