april fool
I short-sheet the bed
then forget


Like haiku, senryu offer a moment of realization in a single breath. While haiku are about nature, senryu are about human nature.

To learn more about haiku and senryu, I recommend listening to Haiku Chronicles, a podcast hosted by Donna Beaver and Alan Pizzarelli. In this episode they specifically discuss senryu. I love listening to these podcasts when I walk.

My favorite place to read senryu is in the on-line journal Prune Juice.

Happy day after April Fools’ Day!




April Fools’ Day Quiz

Is it wise to spend the day gazing into space?
Is it wise to while the hours sitting in one place?

Is it wise to wonder how a cookie’s like the moon?
Is it wise to contemplate the secrets of a spoon?

Is it wise to strain your brain searching for a rhyme?
Is it wise to treat a misplaced accent like a crime?

Is it wise to form your words around a given rule?
If you believe the answer’s yes, then you, like me, are a . . . poet.


Happy April Fool’s Day and Happy First Day of National Poetry Month! How have I never noticed they fall on the same day?!

I’ve been agonizing for weeks about how to celebrate this year. Should I write everyday? Should I post everyday? Should I have a theme? What should it be?

Nothing I considered felt quite right, so I’m going to go with my gut and not choose. I commit to celebrating National Poetry Month in some way every day this month, but how I’ll celebrate will mostly be the whim of the day. Maybe I’ll read. Maybe I’ll write. Maybe I’ll post. Maybe I’ll visit other poets’ blogs and see what they’re up to. I do know I’m going to contribute to Irene Latham’s Progressive Poem on April 7th, and I know I’m going to participate in the Spark postcard exchange. But on the other days, who knows? My plan is to wander. I hope you’ll join me from time to time.

To see how other people are celebrating the month, take a peek at Jama’s roundup.

For more Poetry Friday, visit Amy at The Poetry Farm. I know she plans to wonder. I wonder what she’s wondering today.

See you soon!