Winter Poetry Swap

In this, my first year participating in Tabatha’s lovely winter poetry swap, I was the lucky recipient of two sets of gifts! From Tabatha herself I received a feast–bookmarks with poetry quotes, a poem by Tabatha, an invisible ink puzzle book, and an adorable sloth sack.



Here is a close-up of Tabatha’s poem. I can’t pick out a favorite phrase or line to highlight because I have too many.



Then, from Suzanne Estes I received a beautiful pop-up poem book, Trail,  about a snail making its way in the world, and an incredible poem I had never read before, “Walter Jenks’ Bath” by William Meredith.





See the teeth on the right of the page? You use them to turn a wheel which reveals the verse.

Thank you to both Tabatha and Suzanne for their lovely gifts and a special thank you to Tabatha for organizing the exchange.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Michelle Heidenrich Barnes
    Michelle Heidenrich Barnes says:

    This is my first year not participating in the winter swap (didn’t think I’d be able to handle it with my travel schedule), and I’ve missed it. You made out big time, Liz! Tabatha’s poem is beautiful many times over, from pillowing wigs to mid-flutter lashes to hovering stories through barely-parted lips and that pop-up book! Incredible.

  2. Tabatha
    Tabatha says:

    I’m fascinated by “Trail”– wow! I actually took a pop-up workshop once. It’s fun to be able to do it yourself, although I didn’t try anything remotely complex. It’s nice to consider the possibilities for sharing poems in other formats. Thanks for sharing my poem 🙂

  3. Bridget Magee
    Bridget Magee says:

    Wow, I bet your whole family is having fun with your bountiful gifts – they keep on giving. Tabatha’s poem is lovely and the pop-up books is marvelous – thanks for sharing your loot with us, too, Liz. =)

  4. Linda Baie
    Linda Baie says:

    Oh my, all lovely things for your gifts, LIz. I love Tabatha’s poem, “the anesthesia of abiding” is perfect. And that pop-up book is one I will remember to look for.

  5. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    Poetry folk are indeed creative gift-givers. Tabatha’s poem makes me wish there were also a Book Hospital–I have so many beloved books that require loving care, and the popups are especially delicate. I’ll go find the Bath poem on your recommendation!

  6. Keri Collins Lewis
    Keri Collins Lewis says:

    Hi Liz! Lots of “wow” came your way in the swap! Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts on creativity too. I, too, take a more proactive approach when writing poems — I’m typically inspired by what is around me. The photo on my blog was taken by my stepson. I keep thinking folks will get bored with it but I love it so much I haven’t had the heart to change it!


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