Make your mark.
Poke a hole.
Pull the lever.

People fought.
People died.
So we, the people,
can decide

who’ll represent
our point of view
and do the work
we need them to.

Claim your right.
Raise your voice.
Make it count.


Whether you’re voting for class president or a member of the U.S. Senate, use your power, your right, your voice and VOTE!

That’s how democracy works. If you’re a parent and you can swing it, take your child with you. I always went with my parents. They made it a priority to teach me that voting was not just my right but my responsibility. It may have been tiresome to wait in line, but it felt special and grown-up to go with them. Now that I’m the grown-up it still feels special every single time. Every time I vote I think of all the people who can’t–people who don’t live in democracies, people who have served time and live in states where they are temporarily or permanently disenfranchised, people who have come for the safety and opportunity provided by living in the United States but aren’t yet entitled to vote. So please make sure you’re registered and vote!

Elizabeth Steinglass © 2018

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  1. Melissa Hill
    Melissa Hill says:

    Thanks, Liz! I loved your poem’s call to action as well as your comments about voting – no matter how sad or cynical I’m feeling about the state of our country, the act of voting gives me hope.

  2. bookseedstudio
    bookseedstudio says:

    I can hear this catch short poem chanted in class – a voting rap, Liz.
    It should be adopted as the official poem of the Kids Voting! campaign, if you have that
    in your area schools? It’s a challenge to not only bring your kids to the poll when you vote,
    but before that, they have a mock election on the same candidates, right in school.
    We have it here in Leon County/Florida.

    I. Vote. For. Your. Poem: Vote!

    And great bi-lingual voting sticker, too 🙂

    • Liz Steinglass
      Liz Steinglass says:

      I used to love voting by absentee ballot from Hong Kong. It felt so special to vote by mail and feel that connection to home.

  3. lindabaie
    lindabaie says:

    I went with my parents, too, Liz. I received my ballot yesterday! Will finish it up tomorrow & take it in! It’s a wonderfully inspiring poem. If only everyone knew how hard people fought (fight!) for the right to vote. I am grateful!

  4. maryleehahn
    maryleehahn says:

    AMEN! We have a day off today and it’s on the top of the to-do list. We’re lucky that the early voting center is very close to where we live. May the tide turn on November 6!

  5. Kay Mcgriff
    Kay Mcgriff says:

    Yes! Such a great reminder to spread the message. I always took my daughter to vote with me–and now as a college student she is faithful about requesting her absentee ballot and researching candidates before each election.


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