National Poetry Month–30 Days, 30 Treasures

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This year I will be celebrating National Poetry Month by writing a poem a day about a “Backyard Treasure.” Every day I will go for a walk, take a picture of a treasure I find, and then, write a poem about it. These won’t be polished poems. They will be the day’s best draft.

Today’s poem is about the daffodils blooming in my yard.


Dear Daffodil

Thank you for raising
your head in the rain.
Thank you for sounding
your silent fanfare.
Thank you for daring
to wear your bright yellow bonnet
to this endless gathering of mourners.
Thank you for huddling
in clumps like ducklings
chirruping in chorus—
 “Soon we can swim!”
  “Soon we can swim!”
Thank you, dear daffodil,
for coming every spring.


Happy first day of National Poetry Month!

© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2014, all rights reserved

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  1. Patricia Podlipec
    Patricia Podlipec says:

    What a nice idea! Today as I walked, a symphony of bird songs surrounded me. I went home and wrote a haiku about my experience.
    Perhaps I will continue to try to write something everyday on my walks. Your daffodil poem is delightful.

  2. Martha O'Quinn
    Martha O'Quinn says:

    What a welcome sight and an appropriate “thank-you” to the flowers. I am new to your blog and I look forward to your daily posts as we celebrate poetry month.

  3. hmmmmm
    hmmmmm says:

    I seem to have fallen off getting blog posts — but something made me think of you today and when I went to forward it I didn’t seem to have a current email address. I’ve resubscribed — and am looking forward to the April dailies. The haikus from a couple of weeks ago were lovely too!

  4. amyludwigvanderwater
    amyludwigvanderwater says:

    Oh the joy of this! Thank you! What a beautiful project for a beautiful time of year. And you will have such a lovely journal of your life at this time. I linked to this post for Poetry Friday as it is the one you sent – please let me know if you’d rather I link to today’s poem. Happy Poetry Friday…thank you for the loveliness and hope.

  5. Myra GB
    Myra GB says:

    Spring is much-awaited I can see, and what a wonderful welcome through your verse, Liz. Reminded me of The Cranberries’ song “Daffodil Lament” and its chorus: “and the daffodils look lovely today. “


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