Hidden Book












Hidden Book

when the teacher’s talking,
I can’t quite hear
what she’s saying
over the whispering
coming from my desk.
I try to ignore the murmurs
and listen to the lesson
but the voices refuse
to quiet down,
so I slip
their vessel
out of my desk
and slide silently
from this world
into theirs.


Of course I never did this. And I wouldn’t want any of you to do it. I’m just imagining this might happen, to someone.

© Elizabeth Steinglass, all rights reserved, 2015

8 replies
  1. Ralph Steinglass
    Ralph Steinglass says:

    I can even imagine this happening at work … And I admit it’s happened to me a few times … A welcome break in the day.

  2. kdveiten
    kdveiten says:

    Love this! I remember several students who would be “reading in their desks” while we were doing other things. It’s so hard to reprimand a child for reading, lol!

  3. margaretsmn
    margaretsmn says:

    I have had students who do this. It’s hard to fuss at them because I know exactly how they feel. And a teacher who takes a book away from a student, what message does that give? Not good.


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