Hanukkah Lights



Hanukkah Lights

When the candles are lit,
and the blessings sung,
I sit and watch the wavering flames,
imagining the light of our menorah
reaching through the dark
from our house
to our neighbor’s,
to homes too far to see—
all of them connecting
in an earthborn constellation of stars.


Happy Hanukkah. Merry Christmas. Joyous Winter. Good wishes to all–no matter what you celebrate.

For more Poetry Friday, visit Tara at A Teaching Life. I love the beautiful photo in her header.


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  1. cbhanek
    cbhanek says:

    Thank you so very much for gracing this Poetry Friday by drawing us into your Hanukkah celebration.In this faith-filled holiday season, I am SO GLAD to enjoy a poem that celebrates another faith heritage–particularly the Jewish heritage. I was missing that! As a member of the Catholic Faith, which is drawn from Judaism, I am grateful for, am always drawn to, and feel enriched by Jewish traditions. I love Your poignant poem! I especially love the image of the spreading of menorah lights, of the coming together of people across great distances, bridged by common faith, hope, and love! In that regard, your poem reminds me of how a small community spread Hanukkah love where there had been religious hatred, chronicled in the book “Christmas Menorahs,” which is based on a true hate-crime story from years ago. Thank you, again, for your shining poem that sparkles with love! Every blessing to you and yours!

    • Liz Steinglass
      Liz Steinglass says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I love the idea of bridging distances among those who share a faith and among those who do not. Thank you for crossing the bridge!


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