Ghost Kitten

Small white kitten

In tall dry grass
Staring ahead
With sea blue eyes
I stare back
Wondering why
You lie so still
Until I realize
I step away
But I can’t stop
Seeing your eyes
Staring, still

© 2012 Elizabeth Ehrenfest Steinglass, all rights reserved

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  1. Katya
    Katya says:

    When we lived in Georgia, we found an abandoned kitten that was white with “sea blue eyes”. It was very sick and starving… We brought it home, took it to the vet, and hand-fed it until it was tame. Icicle now is a grown cat and lives with our former neighbors.

    I cried reading your poem this morning. I’m glad that we found Icicle in time that she had a happier outcome.

  2. Donna
    Donna says:

    I could almost see a litter in the grass. As I backed up, a clear image of a ghost kitten emerged from the grass. Pretty neat. I’m sure you didn’t put them, but staring at the grass almost like those 3D books, can reveal a few “kitten eyes”. Is that how you came up with the poem? Picture first? Loved the feel to this poem, though a bit sad.

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