Burrowing Owl by Squeezyboy at flickr


Never disturb a sleeping owl.
Their waking thoughts are always fowl.
Want to pet a porcupine?
You can be the first in line!
If you try to question a horse,
She will answer neigh, of course.
Think you can be a strong as an ant?
Think again. You can’t.

© 2012 Elizabeth Ehrenfest Steinglass, all rights reserved

My poet-friend Sharon Barry shared a brilliant couplet in our poetry critique group this week. It reminded me of Ogden Nash’s wonderful couplets about cows and mules. I wanted to try, too. I wrote them all week. These are my favorites.

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  1. Robyn Hood Black
    Robyn Hood Black says:

    Your blog is an infectious hit today, Liz! These are terrific. I like the plays on words, of course, and the voice and science behind the last one. (Those little ants are amazing.) :0)

  2. jama
    jama says:

    Enjoyed all these fun couplets. I’m especially appreciating the ant one, because I’ve been battling them the last few weeks and they’re winning.

  3. Katya
    Katya says:

    These are all so wonderful and witty. I bet my kids would get in line to pet the porcupine… but I hope my dog has learned his lesson!

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