Earth and Sky

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Earth and Sky

Two twig men went walking by.
They tripped and fell but didn’t cry.
The sky was blue, the ground was dry,
So they stayed to watch the cloud men fly.

Two cloud men were flying low.
They saw two twig men down below.
They wanted to stop and say hello,
But the wind said no, so they had to go.


© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2014, all rights reserved

7 replies
  1. Rosi
    Rosi says:

    What a terrific poem. It’s amazing to me that you see a poem where I see something that should be swept away. I need to change the way I look at things!

  2. Lyric
    Lyric says:

    BC gives it two thumbs up. It’s lovely. Whimsical and meaningful. Hard to do in one small space, but you definitely did!

  3. Patricia Podlipec
    Patricia Podlipec says:

    I like rhythm and rhyme and young children do, too. This is a good poem to stimulate imagination for an art project.
    Thanks for posting each day. My big idea of writing one a day for my own enjoyment is going slowly. Still working on Day #2. Ha!


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