Earth smells sweet like spring,
like growing things,
like shoots keeping secrets under the ground,
then peeking and sneaking,
and climbing out,
to shimmy in the wind,
and shine in the sun,
without a thought for the coats
they’ve left in the house.


I’m still celebrating spring over here. I hope you are too.


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  1. barbara suter
    barbara suter says:

    Spring is alive and well in the Northeast…here on LI. My azaleas are just beginning to show pink buds, the peonies are pushing up quickly (now about a foot tall), the tulips and daffodils have been in bloom but are fading, the earth seems full of promise. The birds are everywhere, coming and going, mating and nesting, tiny chickadees and awesome ospreys. It all seems so plentiful as I wonder how many more decades this abundance will last. Thank you for the celebrating spring poem today.


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