Dog Love

Photo of Sophie by Susan Pittman

Photo of Sophie by Susan Pittman



Dog Love

When the hurts pile up
and I can’t hold them all,
I retreat to my room
where the tears start to fall.

There she finds me alone,
jumbled up in my bed,
and sorts out my mess
with a nudge of her head.


I wrote this poem in response to Rebecca Davis’ challenge to write poems about kindness at Michelle Barnes’ blog Today’s Little Ditty. I missed the end-of-November deadline. Oh well. I can still share it here with you. I hope you enjoy it.

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Happy Reading,


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  1. bookseedstudio
    bookseedstudio says:

    Liz, it’s a treat to read about the kindness of our dear animal pals.
    “Jumbled up on my bed” is an especially fetching line, with its double meaning.
    Appreciations for sharing “Dog Love.”

    • Liz Steinglass
      Liz Steinglass says:

      Thanks, Jan. I was happy with jumbled too. At first I had folded. It took me a while to realize that really wasn’t what I meant. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • Liz Steinglass
      Liz Steinglass says:

      Thanks, Rosi. I’m glad my poem reminded you of Mason. I’m sure animals understand more than we generally give them credit for.

  2. Linda Baie
    Linda Baie says:

    A wonderful thought, Liz. I miss that companionship of having a pet, and you’ve shared the sweetness of it so well. When a dog comes to nuzzle your hand, and seems to know that something’s wrong, I’ve felt so loved.

  3. Irene Latham
    Irene Latham says:

    Oh, the nudge of a dogs head is THE BEST. And then when they look at you, as if to say, here I am… Thank you for your poem! xo


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