Tumbling through sunlight

Like a leaf in the wind,
The kite of a fairy
That’s broken its string,
The butterfly waltzes
To the echoes of spring,
Without ever wondering

What’s lifting her wings.

I’ve been watching the swallowtails gather at the butterfly bush. I caught a picture of this one last week. For the poem I thought spring worked better than autumn, so of course I used “poetic license.” Why limit yourself to what actually happened?

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(c) 2012 Elizabeth Ehrenfest Steinglass, all rights reserved

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  1. Linda at teacherdance
    Linda at teacherdance says:

    Love that ‘kite of a fairy/that’s broken its string’. I love by a park, so can watch the butterflies in a wider area, and they do seem to drift as they fly, although I guess they really do purposefully go somewhere. Lovely to catch the photo too, Liz. Thank you.

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