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A Fibonacci for Fibonacci

                    Fibonacci He taught the west how to use just ten numerals to track the flow of goods and gold and the spiraling growth of sunflowers and snail shells.   I enjoyed writing a cinquain for Adelaide Crapsey, the inventor of the form. So today I […]

Gone Fishing

  Gone Fishing There’s no time for homework. I’m down by the stream, perched on a rock, fishing for dreams.   How many poems can I write about playing hooky? Happy Weekend! Liz

Spring Fever

  Spring Fever See the grasses waving? Hear the robins raving? See the chipmunks hopping? Smell the redbuds popping? See the tulips swooning? Hear the sparrows crooning? See the pansies mugging? Feel the sunlight tugging? I don’t care if there’s a rule— This is not a day for school!   No one actually asked me […]


                                  This month at Michelle Barnes’ blog, My Little Ditty, Marilyn Singer has challenged us to write a poem inspired by the word echo. There you have it. Happy 14th Day of National Poetry Month! Liz

A Book

A book is a doorway from this world to another. How strange to close the pages and find myself here.   Happy Day 12 of National Poetry Month. See you tomorrow, Liz

Booked Review

    Booked Review I love soccer. It’s what I do every day after school. I juggle. I dribble. I shoot on goal. I was made for this— body and soul. My mom calls me in. It’s time to read. I say no way. Books aren’t for me. She shows me the cover, says it’s […]

Class Participation

  Class Participation When you call my name and ask for an answer, and everyone’s eyes turn to me, I feel like a mouse in a freshly mown field too far from my burrow to flee.   This morning I followed a Pragmatic Mom tweet to an article in New York Magazine about teaching introverted […]

Instructions for a Moss

  Instructions for a Moss Find a wall. Send tendrils into mortar. Suck moisture from the air. Turn light into life. Tip-toe your plush greens over stones so slowly no one notices you’ve taken the wall.   Happy Saturday. Liz