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Happy Halloween!

                                                          Halloween Tree Hear that ghostly, woeful wail? I think that tree is howling. Oaks don’t usually make a face, but that bark is clearly scowling. See […]

Gone Visiting

                                                              My daughter Naomi and I are visiting Penny Klostermann’s series A Great Nephew and a Great Aunt. I hope you’ll find us there. For […]

Back from Poetry Camp!

  Wow! What a weekend! I can’t imagine there has ever been a greater celebration of children’s poetry than the Poetry Camp organized by Sylvia Tag and Nancy Johnson, founders of Poetry CHaT at Western Washington University, and Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong,  the creators of the Poetry Friday anthologies. All four of these wonderful […]

Reader’s Song

  Reader’s Song I met a girl in a book— a sister to me, my heart sang to be so understood. I met a girl in a book— a stranger to me, my heart sang to hear her melody. Sister, stranger, girl, or boy— in my heart their printed souls find a voice and turn […]

Reader’s Apology

  Reader’s Apology What? Were you talking to me? I’m sorry I didn’t hear. I hope you will understand. Even though you can see me, I’m not actually here. I’ve been sucked into my book.   This month Michelle Barnes shines her spotlight on Jane Yolan. To celebrate her book The Alligator’s Smile and Other Poems, […]

Next Steps

  Shipping Costs I know it sounds mundane— silly even. Everyone wants free shipping and the ability to return the things they don’t want without paying for them. But this time, I’m willing to fight for the $5.95. I deserve it, I explain to the woman responsible for taking my call. I want free shipping […]

Spark Postcard Exchange

(originally published in Acorn, Fall 2013) (originally published in Frogpond, Vol. 36:2 Spring/Summer 2013)   (originally published in Frogpond, Vol. 36:3 Autumn, 2013; Third Place Harold G. Henderson Award)   This month as one more way to celebrate National Poetry Month, I participated in the Spark Postcard Exchange. Amy Souza always comes up with such […]

Happy Earth Day!

                      Things To Do If You’re the Earth Swoop in circles around the sun. Spin. Go on and on,                 and on,                      and on. Wear layers. Carry water. Don’t laugh when we run. Don’t cry when we dig. Give us a home. Keep our history under […]

A Poem for Your Pocket

  A Small Poem Sit in the grass. Look at the sky. Smell a red tulip. Hear the wind sigh. Stop for an ant. Watch it scurry away. Thank our fine earth for another new day.   I’m a little late for poem-in-your-pocket day, but here you have it, something to carry with you on […]


  Earth Earth smells sweet like spring, like growing things, like shoots keeping secrets under the ground, then peeking and sneaking, and climbing out, to shimmy in the wind, and shine in the sun, without a thought for the coats they’ve left in the house.   I’m still celebrating spring over here. I hope you […]