Entries by Liz Steinglass

My Cat

Scout Most of the day she lazes and naps, dreaming of sleeping on warm, cozy laps. But when it gets dark, she parks by my bed, and seems to be dreaming of eating my head. © 2011 Elizabeth Ehrenfest Steinglass, all rights reserved

Before School

I just brushed my teeth. All I need to do is spit, but you hip check me out of the way, so you can stand in front of the sink. I stamp my foot and clench my fists. That’s when you laugh. I want to sink my teeth into your arm I want to tear […]

Fallen Giant

They told me not to be afraid. It’s just a noisy storm they said. But I saw the giant lying dead across the street, his arms outspread to hold the bit of earth he’d guarded. They told me not to be afraid. There must have been decay they said. But I saw them chip away […]

I still go there

I still go there sometimes— To that other place that’s here but isn’t real. I run across this grass and duck behind that tree But I’m a dragon. I am small and blue, icy silver blue, the color of an ocean wave on a completely sunny day, frozen suddenly, just as it begins to fall, […]

One Green Lollipop

I stretch, Giraffe tall, Swing-tree tall, So I can see In the basket On the counter, Red, orange, yellow circles Wrapped in plastic Glowing Like church windows. I dig, Squirrel quick, Bone-dog quick, Looking for green, Spring grass green, Green light green, Sour apple green. Not yet, sweetheart, I am told. Like I don’t know […]