Entries by Liz Steinglass

Stinkhorn Lace

Stinkhorn Mushroom copyright 2010 Christian F. Schwartz http://mushroomobserver.org It grew in the muck From an underground egg That cracked in the dirt, Then sprouted a leg. The leg wore a sock That stank and drew pests That carried its seed And started new nests. Yet, to the mousy bride It seemed—          A more beautiful […]

Halloween Gypsies

We all dressed as gypsies. We all wore tall boots and long skirts and shirts un-tucked and we all tried to flirt and twirl our skirts before we skipped down the street, tapping our feet and ringing bells,  telling what we were to get our treat, singing on the street the songs to sell the […]

New Country

She couldn’t do it, Couldn’t make herself Put her foot On the strange Moving stairs. Alice had done it. There she was Rising into the sky, Smiling even. But still, On the ground They seemed dangerous, These steps That moved by themselves Taking you only Forward and up. What if she changed her mind? People […]

The Monster in the Closet

There’s a monster hiding there— Right behind that door. And though it’s quiet now It makes an awful roar. It has a gaping mouth That never needs to close, And it can swallow anything Even people’s toes. But what is worst of all— It never runs away Because my mother lets it out And helps […]