Night Fright

I am a ghost.
I live in the park.
I skulk all day.
I slip out after dark.

I drift along
unseen, alone,
haunting souls
of flesh and bone.

I skim the streets
the whole, long night.
I never fly higher—
I’d die of fright!


Happy Poetry Friday! I’m a little late, I know, but I only just finished writing. Thanks once again to Michelle Heidenrich Barnes for getting me to put fingers to keyboard and to Rebecca Herzog for asking us to consider what monsters are afraid of. Thanks too to Buffy Silverman who said let’s go post our poems.





Happy Poetry Friday!

I don’t have a poem to share today, but I did want to announce that I have posted a Soccerverse: Poems about Soccer Discussion and Activity Guide. The 11-page guide is free to download and includes a broad range of discussion questions about the poems. Most are organized around particular poems and focus on concepts such as line length, repetition, and metaphor. The guide also includes three writing activities (with pre-writing handouts) linked to specific mentor texts. Finally, because no poem is finished without revision, there are questions to consider when revising.

I hope that teachers, parents, and kids will find the guide useful. Please feel free to share the news that the guide is on my website and free to all.

Thank you to everyone who read the guide and gave me feedback on it!

Cheriee has the Poetry Friday roundup at her house today. See you there!