april fool
I short-sheet the bed
then forget


Like haiku, senryu offer a moment of realization in a single breath. While haiku are about nature, senryu are about human nature.

To learn more about haiku and senryu, I recommend listening to Haiku Chronicles, a podcast hosted by Donna Beaver and Alan Pizzarelli. In this episode they specifically discuss senryu. I love listening to these podcasts when I walk.

My favorite place to read senryu is in the on-line journal Prune Juice.

Happy day after April Fools’ Day!


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  1. Liz Steinglass says:

    Thanks everyone–I haven’t short-sheeted a bed in a long time either. This poem was inspired by stories my mom used to tell me about her childhood. Every year she would short-sheet her dad’s bed. : )

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