After the Snow



Suddenly a crocus
Pops out of the ground,
Rushing purple and yellow
Into a world gone brown.
Neighbors passing by can’t help but


I admire Avis Harley’s acrostics. I think they work especially well when the word or phrase being spelled out doesn’t appear in the poem. I tried to make the letters purple, but alas they insist on being blue.

Have I mentioned I love spring?

Happy Day 4! See you tomorrow.


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  1. Michelle Barnes says:

    These crocuses seem quite proud of their achievement! The lettering was definitely purple when it arrived via email. But you’re right, here it’s blue. How bizarre.

  2. barbara suter says:

    I love how you captured this small moment in the transition from winter to spring and framed it in a lovely acrostic poem. Thanks for the tip about not including the word being spelled out in the actual acrostic. I’ll be more mindful of that when I write any in the future. My letters were purple 🙂

  3. Linda Baie says:

    Now we have seventies “after” last week’s snow. I love that you celebrated with your crocuses “rushing purple and yellow” in. Lovingly done!

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