In this, my first year participating in Tabatha’s lovely winter poetry swap, I was the lucky recipient of two sets of gifts! From Tabatha herself I received a feast–bookmarks with poetry quotes, a poem by Tabatha, an invisible ink puzzle book, and an adorable sloth sack.



Here is a close-up of Tabatha’s poem. I can’t pick out a favorite phrase or line to highlight because I have too many.



Then, from Suzanne Estes I received a beautiful pop-up poem book, Trail,  about a snail making its way in the world, and an incredible poem I had never read before, “Walter Jenks’ Bath” by William Meredith.





See the teeth on the right of the page? You use them to turn a wheel which reveals the verse.

Thank you to both Tabatha and Suzanne for their lovely gifts and a special thank you to Tabatha for organizing the exchange.

Happy New Year!