Maybe it will snow.
Maybe it won’t.
Either way the dark will snatch more and more of the day,
more than its fair share,
more than the accepted amount,
leaving us leaning into hibernation,
unable to disentangle ourselves from our blankets,
lacking all interest in rising and shining,
too tired to hope,
until finally,
spring fights back.


Tabatha Yeatts organized a wonderful winter poem swap and sent the image above for inspiration. Monet’s painting and the gray winter skies inspired the poem above and a few more that were equally dark. My family told me in no uncertain terms that the poems I was writing were too depressing for a gift, so I went back to the drawing board for a slightly more positive spin on the season. If you’re curious to see it, Tabatha has it on her blog. Thank you to Tabatha for organizing another wonderful swap and for allowing me to vent and then find a more positive outlook.

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Happy Holidays!




Hanukkah Lights

When the candles are lit,
and the blessings sung,
I sit and watch the wavering flames,
imagining the light of our menorah
reaching through the dark
from our house
to our neighbor’s,
to homes too far to see—
all of them connecting
in an earthborn constellation of stars.


Happy Hanukkah. Merry Christmas. Joyous Winter. Good wishes to all–no matter what you celebrate.

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Photo of Sophie by Susan Pittman

Photo of Sophie by Susan Pittman



Dog Love

When the hurts pile up
and I can’t hold them all,
I retreat to my room
where the tears start to fall.

There she finds me alone,
jumbled up in my bed,
and sorts out my mess
with a nudge of her head.


I wrote this poem in response to Rebecca Davis’ challenge to write poems about kindness at Michelle Barnes’ blog Today’s Little Ditty. I missed the end-of-November deadline. Oh well. I can still share it here with you. I hope you enjoy it.

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