The Ruler















Like a soldier it waits
to be called to duty,
even lying down
at attention,
its spine straight and stiff,
its uniform, pressed
and ready for action,
numbers in order,
ticks marked
at precise intervals.
It knows that you
with your untrained hands
can’t do this alone.
You need help.
Find it, call it up
from its dark drawer.
Order it
to assist you.


Everything in/on my desk is suddenly alive!

Happy Poetry Friday! Laura Purdie Salas has the round-up and another in her series of 30 Poetry Tips for Teachers.


© Elizabeth Steinglass, all rights reserved, 2015

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  1. Renee LaTulippe (@ReneeMLaTulippe) says:

    Wow, you really are covering your desk inch by inch! I wish I had an eighth of the inspiration you have. I love the measured tone in this poem. I wouldn’t rule out a partner poem for this one, perhaps a protractor, if you can get your head around it. 🙂

    • Liz Steinglass says:

      I’m so glad the theme has surpassed your expectations! I hope I can keep it up. I keep a lot of odd things in my desk so I should have good options for days 28, 29 and 30…

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