The Eraser











The Eraser

The eraser’s nature is deeply forgiving.
When you bellow and clobber your innocent desk,
the eraser feels neither surprised nor upset.

The eraser expects, even lives for, mistakes.
Hunkering down, it nuzzles them away,
like an old Labrador at the end of the day.

The eraser eagerly gives what it can—
turning to dust in the palm of your hand,
so that you may discover another chance.


I hope everyone is enjoying the surfeit of creativity around the kidlitosphere this month. It’s only Day 3 of National Poetry Month, and I’m already exhausted by all the writing and reading and exploring. If you’re still hungry, Jama always has more treats. Head over to her Alphabet Soup for the full menu of events and today’s special–peach danish. Amy is hosting this week’s stellar (forgive me) Poetry Friday party at The Poem Farm. She is playing a poetic name-that-tune game this month, so head on over to give it a try and contemplate her poem about the stars.

© all rights reserved, Elizabeth Steinglass, 2015

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  1. Janet F. says:

    I love how one can use your poems to show kids how poems can be about anything. Oh how they love erasers! Keep writing! Happy NaPoMo and all!

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I love the idea of that dear eraser being “forgiving”, Liz. Yes, I’ve been trying to jump around, but there are many who are posting, & wonderful things, too! Thanks for this, again, the treasures from your desk!

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