Pencil Sharpener











Pencil Sharpener

Twisting and turning,
spinning and whirling,

throwing off heaps
     of wrap-around skirts
          with sun-colored trim at the hem.

Catching and keeping,
hiding and peeking,

saving the shavings
     that nobody wants
          in this little white box in my desk.


© Elizabeth Steinglass, all rights reserved, 2015

5 replies
  1. Linda Baie says:

    I’ve missed some of your poems, Liz, & glad I didn’t miss this one. How wonderful those “wrap-around skirts with sun-colored trim”. You see things so creatively!

  2. Martha O'Quinn says:

    Liz, I continue to be taken aback with your poetry and its subjects. Creative beyond the norm. Poetry Month is turning into so much fun.

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