The Big Rock Speaks












The Big Rock Speaks

Sit with me.
Give your legs
a rest.
Put down your bags
and arms.
Let your breathing
I will share my spot
and my stillness.
and you will see things.
Squirrels will scamper
across your legs.
Birds will perch on your shoulders
and sing.
Ferns will unfurl.
Mushrooms will explode
with spores.
The light will change.
When you are ready
climb on my head
and see the world again.
Imagine you’re a giant.
Jump down.
Grab your bags.
Skip along the path.
Leave me here
to watch.


I think I should confess that I am using the term backyard rather loosely. This big rock isn’t in my actual backyard. It’s down the street along a trail that runs through the park. I’m so lucky to live within walking distance of the woods and a subway station. I wonder how far I’ll need to go to find my 30 treasures.

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  1. Bridget Magee says:

    Another gem, Liz! It was nice to stop and rest on “the big rock” today. Woods and a subway station that close would be a delight. Looking forward to more of your treasures. = )

  2. Rosi Hollinbeck says:

    Another lovely poem. I love the personification of the rock. And I love that the rock in your photo looks like a big tortoise (at least to me) so I had no trouble hearing his voice. Thanks.

    • maryleehahn says:

      What Buffy and Rosi said about the voice, the personification. I love you project and have added you to my Feedly so I can follow along!

  3. Martha O'Quinn says:

    Amazing! What a soothing, compassionate voice the rock assumes. If these poems are first drafts I think it would be very difficult to improve on them.

  4. Robyn Hood Black says:

    Ahhh, thanks for the needed break, Liz. This voice made me feel like all was safe. Love these lines in particular:

    Ferns will unfurl.
    Mushrooms will explode
    with spores.
    The light will change.

    (And so will the person who rests a moment and notices… – :0) )

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