On Rainy Days













On Rainy Days

The grass looks greener.
The bark looks darker.
The trees’ spring leaves stretch and glow.
The daffodils don’t mind in their bright yellow hats.
The maples apply a deeper shade of crimson to their buds.
The purple hyacinths color themselves with crayon
Then watch the water run down their curls.
The pink cherry blossoms, arriving late, blush to discover
No one else has worn a dress.
On rainy days the sky offers nothing but gray,
But everyone else does their best.


The deer couldn’t get to the hyacinths in the back. They’re protected by the wall.

Happy Day 7 of National Poetry Month.

© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2014, all rights reserved

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  1. Martha O'Quinn says:

    Absolutely beautiful Elizabeth. We’re experiencing rain also. We may be a week or so ahead of you here in NC but I just explained our spring to a former neighbor who moved back to MA to be near family. I was trying to convey what you put into poetry. Thanks!

  2. Patricia Podlipec says:

    A wonderful description of those spring colors. I love the phrase “spring leaves stretch and glow.”
    When I think about it, that’s exactly right. That spring green color, especially vivid in the rain, does appear to glow. Thanks for keeping on with your project.

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