Christmas Cookie Haiku













eating the tree
before decorating it—
holiday traditions


sweet greenery—
wreaths welcome
to the tongue


decorated reindeer—
Rudolph’s nose
goes first


missing jackets—
gingerbread kids


never meant for the tree
iced baubles


These haiku were inspired by Robyn Hood Black’s wonderful haiku series, “We Haiku Here,” and Laura’s delicious post at Author Amok last Friday in honor of National Cookie Day!

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Happy Holidays!

© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2013, all rights reserved.

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  1. Bridget Magee says:

    Yuuummm! These are delicious haikus, Liz! I love “ornaments never meant for the tree”. Now I must get out my best sugar cookie recipe for some holiday baking. You’ve inspired me! =)

  2. jama says:

    LOVE these! It reminds me of our house policy: with gingerbread men, the heads should always go first so they don’t feel any pain.

  3. Violet Nesdoly says:

    Lovely, Liz! My favorite is “Buttons missing jackets…” They bring back memories of Christmas baking, since I was a kid. Jam-jams were a tradition – Christmas shape cookies stuck together with jam. So …

    tummy ache
    because jam-jam dough
    tastes so good

  4. lsteinglass says:

    Ah yes, the dough is delicious! My daughter loves a version of jam-jams we call three-eye cookies because they have three round holes in them.

  5. Linda Baie says:

    They’re just ‘delicious’ (not too creative on my part, but couldn’t help saying the word). I especially like the first one, eating the tree before decorating-such fun. Thanks for the cookie Friday post today!

  6. Robyn Hood Black says:

    Happy Holidays, Liz! I love that you gathered up crumbs from Laura’s and my recent blog posts and rolled them out to make more poetry. Poor Rudolph’s nose. Love those “buttons missing jackets.” Your post is perfect to accompany Jama’s this week – you’re both making me hungry!

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