I fold,
I flip,
I bend
my brain.

I hatch
a paper


I wrote this yesterday in response to Laura Salas’ 15-words-or-less poetry prompt. She posted a photo of a beautiful light in the shape of a star. There was no bird, paper, or folding, though the light looked a bit like it could have been folded. That’s what set my mind going where it found an origami crane. Thanks Laura for inspiring us each week.

I’m still working on a title. I don’t want to give anything away… Ideas?

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eating the tree
before decorating it—
holiday traditions


sweet greenery—
wreaths welcome
to the tongue


decorated reindeer—
Rudolph’s nose
goes first


missing jackets—
gingerbread kids


never meant for the tree
iced baubles


These haiku were inspired by Robyn Hood Black’s wonderful haiku series, “We Haiku Here,” and Laura’s delicious post at Author Amok last Friday in honor of National Cookie Day!

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Happy Holidays!

© Elizabeth Steinglass, 2013, all rights reserved.