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  1. Janet F. says:

    So much to love in this poem. I like the rhythm and the surprise at the end, though, of course, it is not really a surprise!!!

  2. bjleepoet says:

    You’ve captured such a lot in such a few words! Love it, Liz. reminds me of my own doting Grandma who had so much time for us. Your last line is priceless!

  3. Lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing this poem, Elizabeth, and for your kind words. You sum up what it’s like to spend time with Grandma:
    “Mama says one,
    Grandma says two!” : ) Sounds like you’re enjoying time with your mother–a role model for all Grandmas!

  4. Heidi says:

    Heee! Really great terseness in this and I agree about the last lines. Duncan goes off to spend three days with the gp’s tonight; I’ll send this with them.

  5. lsteinglass says:

    I didn’t have much time to reply on Friday since we were busy visiting Grandma. So here’s a belated thanks for visiting and for all your kind words.

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