Rising over the garden,
A helium sun on a string.
Parading above the lilies,
A crown fit for a king.

An eye with golden lashes,
A bonnet around a face,
A sprinter sporting a medal
For winning a backyard race.

A paintbrush dipped in lemon,
A splash of juicy light,
A toothless, sunny smile
Without a shadow in sight.

A nodding head grown weary,
A platter of snacks on a string,
A sprinkle of secret promises
To rise again next spring.

(c) Elizabeth Steinglass, 2013, all rights reserved


I wrote this last summer but I was reminded of it when this year’s sunflowers opened their bright, shiny faces.

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  1. Janet F. says:

    I really love this, Liz. I think in addition to the pure enjoyment factor, as a teacher it is fabulous for teaching metaphor. Can I user it?

    • lsteinglass says:

      Thanks! It was fun to try to come up with lots of metaphors, instead of focusing on just one.

  2. Linda says:

    “A nodding head grown weary…” Oh, I love this image! I love the progression of your poem especially the hopeful ending. Lovely!

    • lsteinglass says:

      Doesn’t it seem like just as they really bloom, they get so heavy they can’t hold their heads up?

  3. Violet Nesdoly says:

    This is fabulous! I especially like the “helium sun on a string,” the “golden lashes,” and the “sprinkle of secret promises / to rise again next spring.”

  4. Linda Baie says:

    I’ve been writing some flower poems, so especially love your sunflower words, Liz. They are amazing to grow, aren’t they? And do you finally put the heads out for the birds? I love “An eye with golden lashes,
    A bonnet around a face”. Thank you!

  5. Mary Lee Hahn says:

    I lovelovelove this poem…and sunflowers, too! (I’m bookmarking this post and tagging it “metaphor!!”

    Margaret, what a great idea to use a Fib for a plant that Fibs!! I wrote a fib for Fractal Broccoli (do an image search, it’s fascinating) for the same reason!!

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