Entries by Liz Steinglass

Dear Mr. Wordsworth

Dear Mr. Wordsworth, here I lie On my couch in a pensive hour, Listening to chill winds cry, While shivering branches scour The window glass, but thanks to you I am not limited to this view. Through your words and by my will I am transported to another day, far away, Where daffodils gather along […]


On my way to the park I felt a light breeze. My nose sniffed a tickle. I erupted a sneeze. It must have been catching, ‘Cause right after me Hundreds of birds Got sneezed by a tree. © 2011 Elizabeth Ehrenfest Steinglass, all rights reserved

I Like to Bike

I like to bike. I like to feel the WIND. I like to go where I want to go and FAST. I know I won’t CRASH. It’s hard sometimes to start but once I’m moving I can’t STOP. I like to climb up hill and RACE down, too fast too far to hear my mom. […]

Guinea Pig Thoughts

Meeko Meeko, what do you do all day When I’m at school and far away? What do you think while you sit in your cage, Sniffing the air and chewing the hay? Do you know where I’ve gone And what I am doing? Do you wonder what I smell? Do you wonder what I’m chewing? […]