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                          Someone Someone has to. Someone has to go. Someone has to go down in the dark, musty basement. Someone has to. Someone has to tip toe along the concrete floor. Someone has to. Someone has to listen for the quiet, steady snores. […]

Crazy for Pet Crazy!

    Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong have done it again! They’ve brought another wonderful book of children’s poetry into the world. I’m beyond thrilled to be included with so many other fabulous children’s poets. Pet Crazy is Sylvia and Janet’s 7th Poetry Friday book and their 3rd Poetry Friday Power Book. What makes it […]

How to Be a Wall

  How to Be a Wall Stand tall. Stand still. Keep people out. Keep people in. Let the ivy grab hold. Watch the birds soar over. Sear in the sun. Peel. Chip. Give the ants an Everest. Watch the shadows switch sides. Stand tall. Stand still. Crack. Crumble. Don’t last forever. Make someone ask do […]

Billy Collins: The Lanyard

    The Lanyard by Billy Collins The other day I was ricocheting slowly off the blue walls of this room, moving as if underwater from typewriter to piano, from bookshelf to an envelope lying on the floor, when I found myself in the L section of the dictionary where my eyes fell upon the […]

Empathy: My One Little Word

  Ouch   My friend fell at recess and scraped up his knee. I heard some kids laugh— What a clown! Did you see? Though the sky was bright blue, in my heart it felt gray, so I sat with my friend till the pain went away.   I’ve realized in recent years that I […]